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Traditional Franchising

A well-established pathway to ownership that provides you with the rights to operate under our nationwide, established brand and business model.

Manage to Own Program

An innovative approach for those who might not have the initial capital but possess the drive and deducation to succeed back by our nationwide brand.


Did you know that there are two pathways to becoming a Franchise Owner at Fleet Clean?

Traditional Franchising

Traditional franchising is a well-established pathway to ownership. Purchasing a Fleet Clean franchise, provides you with the rights to operate under our nationwide, established brand and business model. This option is ideal for entrepreneurs who will receive training, support, and access to our Fleet Clean corporate team, making for a systematic way to get started in the mobile truck washing industry.

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Manage to Own Program

The Manage to Own Program is an innovative approach for those who might not have the initial capital but possess the drive and dedication to succeed. This program allows you to start as a manager in an existing Fleet Clean corporate location, to gain hands-on experience and build your expertise in the business, which over time, provides an opportunity to transition into franchise ownership. It's a unique path that combines learning on the job with the potential for future entrepreneurship.

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These two pathways offer flexibility and opportunities for individuals with different backgrounds and resources, making it easier for aspiring franchise owners to join the Fleet Clean family.

Why Become a Fleet Clean Operator?

With more than half a century of expertise in the field, Fleet Clean stands as a formidable leader in the industry. We provide our franchise owners with the solid foundation of a well-established brand, ensuring unwavering support in their entrepreneurial journey. As a name synonymous with trust and quality, we are the preferred choice for businesses nationwide. Specializing in mobile truck washing services, Fleet Clean has a robust presence across the United States, boasting over forty strategically placed locations. Importantly, over 80% of these locations are operated by our dedicated franchise owners.


Reliable and Consistent Revenue

Owning a Fleet Clean franchise offers the perk of guaranteed revenue through our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service plans. Expanding your customer base not only accelerates growth but also yields quick returns on your investment.

Specialized Market with Minimal Competition

Standing apart with our unparalleled service quality, Fleet Clean operates in a niche market with limited competition. This makes it straightforward to acquire premium clients who are willing to pay for our top-tier services.

Expert Marketing Backing your Franchise

Investing in our franchise means benefiting from a strong national brand and specialized marketing support. From search engine optimized web pages for each location to pay-per-click advertising, we use multiple channels to enhance your visibility.

Efficient Invoice and Collections Process

Our state-of-the-art system automates the generation of weekly invoices, facilitating timely billing and expedited payment cycles. We also manage collections for you, allowing you to direct your focus toward the essential elements of your enterprise.

Robust Demand & Recession Resilence

The trucking industry isn't going away - 3.5 million trucks are on the road, and FDA cleanliness regulations aren't optional. This makes a fleet cleaning service like ours not just essential but also recession-resistant.

Flexible Franchising Opportunities

We offer various franchising options, including a manage-to-own program. For more details, get in touch with us today.

Innovative Equipment Complementing Advanced Software

Beyond our cutting-edge software solutions, Fleet Clean also leads the pack in specialized equipment. Each of our trucks is custom-built, empowering our franchise owners to deliver services using the latest in equipment technology and washing methodologies. This dual advantage in technology and equipment sets us distinctly ahead of the competition.

Streamlined Business Operations via Cutting-edge Technology

Our sophisticated, proprietary software handles the day-to-day administrative responsibilities so you can concentrate on scaling your business. From lead management and precise quote creation to efficient scheduling and invoicing, we've got it covered. What sets Fleet Clean apart in the market is not just our service but also our technology - our quoting system, service notifications, and customer portal are second to none, giving us a definitive edge over competitors.


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