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Hand brush wash trucksFleet Clean is one of only a handful of companies that specializes in mobile fleet washing services. With everything needed on our mobile truck units, our company washes our customers’ fleets of vehicles at their locations. The Fleet Clean truck is equipped with its own water, generator, pressure washers, soap dispensers, brushes, tools, water reclamation equipment and absolutely everything needed so our customers need supply only the dirty vehicles that need to be washed.

Our method of hand brushing ensures an excellent result without the risk of damage that can occur with harsh chemicals and strong spray.  We get them clean the old fashioned way; with elbow grease.

howwedoitFleet Clean’s proprietary method for washing vehicles ensures a top quality outcome while rapidly servicing our customers.  For the Franchisee, this means your customers will be thrilled with the work you do.  Its cost-effectiveness means your earnings will not be hampered by speed.  You’ll provide a top notch product while earning an excellent margin.

Our centralized accounting and customer support system  ensures that our clients get immediate satisfaction no matter what. They will be billed on a timely basis, and will be able to immediately talk to someone should they have questions about their bill, the service they’ve received or to add additional work.


supportFleet Clean Systems, Inc. supports you, the Franchisee, in a number of ways.  We take on the marketing, sales, invoicing and customer support so all you need to do is concentrate on operating your business and providing your customers with excellent service.

Our technology makes it easy for you to do business and it makes it easy for our customers to do business with you.

We also give you all the training you need before you get started and continuously as you grow.

signupMarketing your business is one of the main ways we support our franchisees.  We know what works to gain new customers and how to get prospects to say “yes” to hiring you as their wash vendor.  From obtaining the leads, to calling upon them, Fleet Clean Systems, Inc. will provide you with assistance in finding potential customers, building their interest in our product, giving them quotes, and potentially even sealing the deal.
easywayFleet Clean’s Technology is core to helping you run your business in the most cost effective, user friendly way.  You’ll love the ease with which you can do all aspects of your business, from creating and sending quotes, to scheduling jobs and staff.  Our proprietary software is in the patenting process and will be offered exclusively to our Fleet Clean Franchisees.  It will provide you with the easiest road to running a successful wash vending company.
trainingThe road map we give you starts with providing you with all the necessary training.  You’ll spend time with us in our training facility where we will give you hands on practice in all aspects of the business.  From physically washing vehicles and all the day to day intricacies of the operating to learning the ins and outs of the sales cycle, we don’t just point you in the direction, we help drive you there.
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Fleet Clean FranchiseFleet Clean USA was founded in 2009.  The principal and key personnel have been in the truck washing industry for many years and have dedicated thousands of hours to learning the intricacies of the field. Because of this extensive experience and the founder’s strong drive for excellence the Fleet Clean founders were able to develop processes to deliver a better truck wash to its customers.

Included in those processes is a formula for providing the best truck wash available, using hand brush washing for the ultimate in clean.  Fleet Clean learned from experience what it would take and has put that knowledge into practice and on paper.

Fast forward to 2014…Fleet Clean Systems, Inc.,  was founded to bring these excellent processes to more customers.  Fleet Clean Systems, Inc., the franchising arm of Fleet Clean, has made it very easy for a franchisee to hit the ground running and successfully own and operate a fleet washing business.


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